Round Robin Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct was adopted by the Highland Park Tennis Association at its annual meeting in July 2010 and is effective immediately.

  1. Players shall pay round robin fees and check in with the round robin box person before playing.
  2. HPTA Round Robin is from 8 a.m. until noon.
  3. Players who play on non-HPTA courts, or who play before or after HPTA hours, are responsible for payment of court fees to the Highland Park Tennis Center (or other center if relocated).
  4. Warm-ups during the first set of the morning are limited to maximum of 10 minutes, as stated in the USTA league rules, by which we abide.
  5. Players shall only play one set and shall leave the court; players shall verbally announce the availability of the court as soon as they finish their set, and they shall also inform the box person of the availability of the court.
  6. Players shall first complete an unfinished foursome on the sign-up board prior to starting a new foursome.
  7. Players are responsible for appropriate behavior on and off the court (HPTA follows the USTA Rules of Play and Player Conduct Codes).
  8. In case of wet courts, those players who squeegee a court are entitled to their first set of play on that court.
  9. The round robin box person(s) on duty has (have) the authority to preside over play and to enforce these rules.
  10. The officers of HPTA reserve the right at any time to revoke or suspend a person’s membership without refund for an indefinite period of time. 

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