HPTA celebrates 45th anniversary

(l-r): Former HPTA presidents Debbie Klotzbach, Joycelyn LeBlanc, and Rusty Jabour cut HPTA’s 45th anniversary cake at the Nov. 20, 2021 round robin.

Happy 45th anniversary to our beloved HPTA, one of the most enduring and unique round robins in the United States.

HPTA was started in 1976 by local teaching professional, Eleanor Owens, as a weekly place where a handful of her students could put lessons into real play. See history here.

Since that time, HPTA has grown into a grassroots tennis organization with more than 200 members. Every week, an average of 65 members and guests play in the round robin. We always have room for more, so please explore this page and our website to learn how you can join us every Saturday at BREC’s Highland Park Tennis Center for great tennis fun.

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