Highland Open 2012

Pictured left to right at the 2012 Highland Open are Title Sponsor Jim Crane, CFF Special Events Specialist Natalie Sunstrum, Tournament Director Lisa Sanner, HPTA President Rusty Jabour, HPTA Secretary Angel Ellis and Tournament Committee member Sandra Harshbarger

We are very pleased to report that the 2012 Jim Crane State Farm Highland Open Tennis Tournament raised $20,653 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Of that amount, $8,000 was raised through our “65 Roses” campaign.

This year’s contribution to CFF ranks favorably with previous years’ fundraising efforts, with HPTA raising $23,000 in 2011 and $21,500 in 2010.

There are few things like the Highland Open that represent the pure goodness and generosity of such a diverse and caring group of people. Whether it’s the players, the tournament committee (HOTT Committee, as they are called), the volunteers, families and friends, everyone pitches in to help raise as much money as possible for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

This 30th year of the Highland Open also proved to be one of the best yet with the largest field ever – 126 teams — that never complained after a Friday night and early Saturday rain that caused a three-hour delay throughout Saturday. But, we caught up by Saturday night, and we had a fabulous day of semifinals and finals on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone who made the 2012 Highland Open a tremendous and meaningful success.

Also, check out this very nice video, produced by Jim Crane’s son, Brady.  Thank you, Brady!


2.5 Women’s Round Robin
2.5 Women’s Finals: Terri Courtney and Jennifer Hawkins def. Amanda Scobel and Ramona Senchak)
3.0 Women’s Main Draw
3.0 Consolation
3.5 Main Draw
3.5 Consolation
4.0 Round Robin Division A
4.0 Round Robin Division B
4.0 Women’s Finals: Meliva Suico and Ashley Vicknair def. Keitha Thames and Robin Pitre, 6-4, 7-5)

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3.0 Main Draw
3.0 Consolation
3.5 Main Draw
3.5 Consolation
4.0 Main Draw
4.0 Consolation

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We are so thankful for the following persons and organizations for contributing 80 Rose Sponsorships for HPTA’s 2012 “65 Roses” campaign to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This year’s 80 roses put us in line with the efforts of previous years (86 in 2011, 84 in 2010), we still exceeded our goal of 65 Roses for the third year in a row! Special thanks to the following generous donors:

1. Wendy Parrish
2. Beth Densmore / Capital One Bank
3. Beth Densmore / Capital One Bank
4. Beth Densmore / Capital One Bank / Joycelyn LeBlanc
5. Lisa and Bill Sanner
6. Jeff Gould
7. Debbie and Louis Klotzbach
8. Troy and Sheri Goings
9. Joni Orgeron (in memory of Maxine and Joseph Cassin)
10. Dan Cassin (in memory of Donald Seigelman)
11. Jodie Weilbacher (in memory of Addie Latour)
12. Kevin and Helena Cunningham
13. Celine Bui
14. Val and Meliva Suico
15. Sandra Harshbarger
16. Steve Eskine
17. HPTA members (Everything’s Coming Up Roses Day)
18: HPTA members (“)
19. HPTA members (“)
20. Ruth Wallace, Lisa and Bill Sanner (in memory of Louise Boyd)
21. Dimitar K. Jordanov
22. Arlene Brignac’s 3.5 team
23. David Earle
24. Denise and Ross Roussel
25. William Greiner (on behalf of LSU’s Men’s Tennis)
26. Debbie Klotzbach, Jim Crane, Sandra Harshbarger and Rusty Jabour (“Get Well Soon” Rose for Lisa Sanner)
27. Marie Laborde
28. Albermarle Corporation (matched Marie Laborde’s rose)
29. Jennifer and Brent Boxill
30. Runnels School Kindergarten Teachers (get well for Jamie Crane)
31. Court Chix Tennis Team
32. Valero St. Charles Refinery
33. Father Jerry Martin
34. Kenneth O. St. Romain, Jr., DDS, Family Dentistry
35. Jim Crane (in memory of Tom Pope)
36. Jamie Crane
37. Angel Ellis (speedy recovery wished to Jamie Crane)
38. Jeannette Johnson (in honor of Jamie Crane & in memory of Mandy Crane)
39. Fred Aldrich, Barry Valure, Joycelyn LeBlanc, Chris Floyd and Wendy Parrish (“Get Well Soon” Rose for Lisa Sanner)
40. Fran Grega (for a quick cure for those who suffer)
41. Don Shedd
42. Brignac Women’s Tennis Teams and HPTA members
43. Father Jerry Martin
44. Robert Wu
45. John A. Alario, Jr. (in honor of Charlie Case)
46. Angel Ellis and Robert Wu (“Get Well Soon” Rose for Lisa Sanner)
47. Bo and Debra Boehringer (in memory of Barry Babb)
48. Pat and Donna McCann
49. DM Petroleum Operations Company, N.O.
50. DM Petroleum Operations Company, N.O.
51. Jennifer Rood (in memory of Caroline)
52. Louis Klotzbach, Jr.
53. Charles Taylor
54. Don Bourgeois and Gary Disotell
55. Thomas Miglicco (in memory of Amelia Miglicco, granddaughter)
56. Travis Miglicco (in memory of Amelia Miglicco, daughter)
57. Lisa and Johnny Scalise
58. Chris Brantley
59. Chris Brantley
60. Chris Brantley
61. Chris Brantley
62. Chris Brantley
63. Christine LeBlanc
64. HOTT Tournament Players
65. Mayor-President Kip Holden (wishing a speedy recovery for Jamie Crane)
66. Fred Aldrich
67 Lisa Easterling
68. Alena Prejean
69. Bob Cunningham / Duane Smith
70. Carola Leuschner
71. HOTT Tournament players (raffle)
72. HOTT Tournament players (raffle)
73. HOTT Tournament players (raffle)
74. HOTT Tournament players (raffle)
75. HOTT Tournament players (raffle)
76. Anonymous donor (at the Highland Open for Jamie Crane)
77. Rodney Terral
78. Rodney Terral / HPTA members
79. William and Gail Kelso
80. Freddy Bailey 

Photo gallery of some of our generous Rose Sponsors:

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