HPTA Governance / Officers

HPTA Constitution and By-Laws
The Highland Park Tennis Association is governed by a formal HPTA Constitution and By-Laws.

2023-24 HPTA Officers (elected Nov. 5, 2023)
James Mason, President
Shalin Sheth, Vice President
Cheryl Brodnax, Secretary
Beth Densmore, Treasurer

Officers’ terms begin July 1 and continue through June 30 of the following year. The officers pledge to follow the Constitution and By-Laws in the daily governance of HPTA. Further, they pledge to honor the rich history of HPTA and its founders. They commit to conducting the weekly round robin, ensuring an inclusive and welcoming experience for everyone who would like to play. Further, the HPTA officers are responsible for communicating with HPTA’s participants on a regular basis, promoting the organizations activities, leading HPTA’s decision making, and performing sound fiscal management.

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