HPTA Principles / Reports

Our Principles
The Highland Park Tennis Association is a non-profit entity that is governed by a formal HPTA Constitution and By-Laws.

The HPTA officers, elected every July, promise to follow the constitution and to manage the organization with

  • honor and appreciation of the rich history of HPTA and its founders;
  • unwavering loyalty to Highland Road Park, HPTA’s birthplace and home;
  • commitment to an excellent relationship with BREC and its staff;
  • the highest ethics and judgment;
  • prudent decision-making and sound fiscal management;
  • an attitude of service to HPTA members and to the community;
  • commitment to charitable support through the Highland Open tournament; and
  • continual desire to implement best practices to ensure a strong HPTA.

Fiscal and Operational Transparency
In the spirit of transparency and through new procedures adopted in 2010, the HPTA officers post HPTA’s financial reports and round robin reports so our members can be fully aware of how their monies are managed.

For information about HPTA’s weekly round robin financial reports, please contact Mrinal Desai, HPTA President, at mdesai1974@gmail.com.

For information about HPTA’s financial reports, please contact Rich Swanson, HPTA Treasurer, at contact@hptabr.org.

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