2019 Highland Open Cancelled!

It is with deepest regrets and sadness that the Highland Park Tennis Association is cancelling this year’s Highland Open.  For whatever reason, be it too much league play, too many tournaments back to back, or just lack of interest, we have not had enough entries to make the 2019 Highland Open the fun, meaningful and successful tournament it has been in the past.

We thank those who registered for the 2019 Highland Open and the past Highland Open Tournaments as we raised research funds to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. We still want to “ACE THE CURE”,  so we will continue to promote our “65 ROSES CAMPAIGN” .  $100 buys a Rose – Help us plant a beautiful garden. Please consider making a contribution in honor or memory of someone you hold dear.

With our best regards,The Highland Open Tennis Tournament Team. 

On January 1, we launched our 65 Roses campaign as part of the Highland Open’s fundraising efforts. We encourage you to become a Rose sponsor this year. Every dollar of your contribution goes directly to help children and families who are battling cystic fibrosis.
Thanks to our 2018 Rose Sponsors listed below so far:

1. Wendy Parrish 
2. HPTA tip jar #1 
3. HPTA Football Board Pool 
4. In memory of Mandy Crane 
5. In memory of Mandy Crane 
6. In memory of Mary Moss
7. In memory of Bill Mollere-Wendy, Debbie, Joycelyn, Rusty, Sandra, Gene,
Glen & Lisa
8. Claire Booth
9. Claire Booth
10. Claire Booth
11. Claire Booth
12. Claire Booth
13. Don S.
14. Fr. Jerry Martin
15.  Ronnie’s Boudin
16. Chris Tate
17. Chris Tate

18. Young at Heart Ladies Tennis Team

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